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This is a direct replacement kit for your worn out Nissan cam sensor and will greatly improve the rpm signal from the engine without the extra work and expense necessary from a crank trigger kit. Utilising a zink coated 24 minus 1 trigger wheel gives a much better resolution over the stock unit.


Unlike any other CAS replacement kit on the market this comes with a gap adjustable Genuine ZF Electronics hall effect sensor also known as a 'Cherry sensor' and doesnt require the use of shims. 


Suitable for all twincam RB engines, RB20,25,26 etc and will fit a range of aftermaket pulleys such as Tomei or HKS


Everything required to fit the kit is included with the options for OEM plug and play connector or a Deutch DTM.


Included in the box:


  • Billet sensor mounting plate
  • Zink coated trigger wheel
  • 3x m6 allen bolts
  • Hall effect sensor
  • Instructions


*The length supplied on the oem connector will move the engine harness plug closer to the water temperature connector

*DTM is supplied unterminated


*A Standalone engine management system is required to use this kit such as:


  • Link G3-G4x
  • Haltech Elite (not platinum pro)
  • MaxxEcu
  • EcuMaster Black


It is your responsibilty to make sure this kit will work with your engine management if its not listed above, please feel free to drop us an email if you are unsure.

RB Twin Cam Cas Trigger kit

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